Exercise and Parkinson Disease

Exercise is the most important component for beating Parkinson’s Disease. I can reiterate this enough. Please if you are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease do not give up exercising, if you were not exercising before your diagnosis get up and start exercising. If you have had Parkinson’s Disease for any length of time it is not too late get moving. When you are so stiff and feel you can not move then move force yourself to move. There is a theory out there that exercising at a high rate of speed will regenerate the dopamine receptors in your brain. I have had Parkinson’s Disease now for 21 years. At one point in my disease I made a decision that Parkinson’s was not going to beat me. I exercise every day, I also walk 4 miles a day and most of it is up hill. ( I Iive in the mountains of East Tennessee) When I am stiff I get out and I force myself to move. I do not have the equipment to exercise at a high rate of speed but I do run down hill as much as possible and make do with what I have at my disposal to exercise. I feel for me that exercise is the most important element in beating Parkinson’s Disease. I know that there are pieces of equipment out there that would probably help me exercise at a higher rate of speed but I do not have the financial means to acquire these and I know most people that are diagnosed with Parkinson’ Disease will also not have that means. But that should not prevent us from working as hard as we can to exercise. We just have to be as creative as possible with our exercising. And I challenge anyone with Parkinson’s Disease to get creative in beating Parkinson’s Disease. If you don’t succeed today work at it again tomorrow. Remember only when you feel it is hopeless then it will be. If you need some one to talk to email me. If you need some one to bounce things off email me. I have had Parkinson’s Disease now for 21 years almost 22 years to be honest. And I will be honest my family wanted me to give up and collect social security but my wife put it this way. Look there are quads that are working full time jobs get off your butt and get busy. Granted there are some out there that have Parkinson’s Disease worse than I do. We are all different but for all of us exercise is extremely important. Please understand that exercise is extremely important if you have Parkinson’s Disease.


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Medication and Parkinson Disease

One of biggest challenges for Parkinson’s Disease is the balancing the medications with everything else. Taking them at the right time that works for you one needs to take in a lot of considerations when taking the medications. Time of day, meal time, and activities such as exercising. No two people are going to be the same in dealing with Parkinson’s Disease and then adding in the medication misses for the brain. I  do not have the answers for anyone else when it comes to managing Parkinson’s Disease please do not try to mimic what some one else is doing no two  people are the same our bodies respond differently to medications. What I can tell you is to go about this disease with common sense keep journals have some one close to you keep records and watch what happens when you take your medications and compare between what you both observe and then take those results to your dr and  work with him or her in managing this disease. What I can say find a dr you are comfortable with and one that is willing to work with you and listen and one that help you manage your Parkinson’s Disease. I will be honest I did not find that right Dr off the bat. But I did give the drs a chance to work with me I tried to be open minded with the Drs. But even with regular family drs not everyone is a match and you really need some one that is a match with this disease.

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I may have Parkinson’s but Parkinson’s does not have Me!!!

Hello my name is Henry and I am 51 years old and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease when I was 30. I am married living and working some where in the Mountains of East Tennessee.

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